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Junior Eurosong 2011

Minsk 2010 . Vladimir

30.05.12 . Scandinavia: 'No non-democratic countries in Eurovision'
Scandinavia and the United Kingdom have pushed forward new ethics for the European Broadcasting Union, reports Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter. This means that all the participating countries in the Eurovision Song Contest must be democratic, and that dictatorships can not participate.
The details of the new rules have been presented at a meeting attended by representatives of the national broadcasters of Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. Also the United Kingdom and Austria are in favor of ethical sharpening of the Eurovision Song Contest rules, giving the EBU the right to exclude existing members or prevent them from participating in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Seen the high number of non democratic EBU member states - Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Turkey, but also Hungary and even Italy - it is no evidence that the proposal will be approved and an agreement will be reached. The proposal of the Scandinavian countries will be discussed and voted at the EBU conference in Strasbourg in late June.


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