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Junior Eurosong 2011

Minsk 2010 . Vladimir

24.02.12 . Iris and Anggun new names Eurovision In Concert 2012
The Belgian candidate for the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 Iris will promote her song for Baku at Eurovision in Concert 2012 on 21st April in Amsterdam. Anggun (France), Can Bonomo (Turkey), Sinplus (Switzerland), Ivi Adamou (Cyprus) and the candidate from San Marino will also be there. Buy tickets on www.melkweg.nl.
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19.02.12 . Battles Dutch Nationaal Songfestival 2012 drawn
The composition of the battles for the Dutch Nationaal Songfestival 2012 have been drawn in the RTL4 show Life4you. The six Dutch finalists have been divided over three battles. The winners of the three battles will qualify for the super final in which the Netherlands will pick a representative for Baku.
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19.02.12 . Nina Zilli to Eurovision Song Contest 2012 for Italy
Nina Zilli (Maria Chiara Fraschetta) will represent Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012. Nina Zilli took part in the Festival di Sanremo 2012 with the song Per Sempre, but didn't qualify for the super final of the event. Whether Per Sempre will also be the Italian song for Baku has not been decided yet.
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18.02.12 . Live: 6 national selections for Eurovision Song Contest
Todays shows: final in Ukraine at 11:30 # LIVE STREAM, final in Latvia at 18:00 # LIVE STREAM, presentation song Nina Badrić in Croatia at 20:00 # LIVE STREAM, heta 3 in Sweden at 20:00 # LIVE STREAM, heat 3 in Lithuania at 20:00 # LIVE STREAM and semifinal 1 in Estonia at 20:35. # update
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16.02.12 . Live: Roman Lob or Ornella de Santis for Germany?
Tonight at 20:15 CET ARD airs the final of Unser Star Fr Baku. Two candidates are left in the running for the Eurovision Song Contest 2012: Roman Lob and Ornella de Santis. In the final the German song for Baku will be chosen first, then whether Roman or Ornella will represent Germany. # update
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15.02.12 . Spanish Eurovision 2012 songs for Pastora Soler online
Spanish broadcaster TVE has published the four songs out of which the Spanish entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 will be chosen. Two songs are directly qualified for the final on 3rd March. The two other songs will compete in an online voting on www.rtve.es to become the third song to be sung by Pastora Soler in the final.
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14.02.12 . Live at 16:00: Final Eurofest 2012 in Belarus
At 16:00 CET this afternoon the final of Eurofest 2012 take place in Belarus. The winner of the Belarusian national final will represent Belarus in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 in Baku. The five finalists are Gunesh, Litesound, Alena Lanskaya, Uzari and Victoria Aleshko. # LIVE STREAM
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13.02.12 . Live: Shelly, Roman, Yana or Ornella to German final?
At 20:15 ProSieben airs the semifinal of Unser Star Fr Baku. Four candidates are left in the running in the German national selections for the Eurovision Song Contest 2012: Shelly Phillips, Roman Lob, Yana Gercke and Ornella de Santis. Two of them will sing for the ticket to Baku in the final on Thursday. # to final
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13.02.12 . Azerbaijan sends Sabina Babayeva to Eurovision 2012
Sabina Babayeva will represent Azerbaijan in the final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 in Baku. Sabina defeated her four competitors in the Azeri national final. The song she'll perform in Baku still has to be chosen. In the heats and the final, all candidates performed cover songs.
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12.02.12 . Live at 18:00 CET: National final in Azerbaijan
Tonight at 18:00 CET the national final of Azerbaijan takes place. Azerbaijan is the host country of the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 that will be held in Baku in May. The five finalists are Orxan Kərimli, Səbinə Babayeva, Elton İbrahimov, Fəqan Səfərov and Arzu İsmayılova. # LIVE STREAM
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