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Junior Eurosong 2011

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30.12.05 . Afi : 'Many doubts about Eurosong participation'
She finished second in the Flemish talent show Star Academy on the TV channel VTM, but hasn't really been in the public eye much since then. However, she's been busy working on several projects and will break the silence with her participation in Eurosong. Belgovision.com had the chance to talk to her.
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29.12.05 . Fantoom: 'Why not in our own, beautiful language?'
Soft rock in Dutch is what the group Fantoom will be serving in the first heat of Eurosong 2006. Servaas Bingé, singer of Fantoom, wrote the lyrics for Hier sta ik (Here I stand). Together with his brother Hillert Bingé, bass player of the group, Servaas also composed the music. Belgovision.com talked to Fantoom.
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27.12.05 . Brahim: 'Pride, Option, World, Equal and Respect'
Belgovision.com talked to Brahim, one of the biggest discoveries of Idols 2003, who will be making his appearance in Eurosong 2006 with P.O.W.E.R., a song of which the music and the lyrics have been written by Fred Braikin, Jeremy and Brahim Attaeb himself.
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25.12.05 . Beatoxic: '100 percent vocally, 90 percent live'
Belgovision.com talked to Beatoxic, one of the participants in the second heat of Eurosong 2006. The vice-world champions beatboxing don't need music, since the beats and basses are being produced by their very own mouths. Singer Karen Beerens sees for the vocals of the song Feel like.
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23.12.05 . Kaye Styles: 'Belgium can offer good urban music too'
With Kaye Styles, one of the trend setters from the Belgian urban scene is making a bid in Eurosong 2006 with the song Profile, of which lyrics and music were written by Youssef Chelak. Belgovision.com talked to Kaye Styles, who is one of the four artists from record company Mostiko in the running for Athens.
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22.12.05 . Kaden: 'Third time lucky'
One of the brand new names in the Belgian selections is Wim Joos, aka Kaden. With In your heaven, a song that was written by Marc Van Hie and Rudolf Hecke, Kaden will be making his appearance in the fourth heat of Eurosong 2006. Belgovision.com interviewed Kaden.
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21.12.05 . Laura D: 'This lively rock song perfectly suits me'
After having left a good impression in Idols 2004, Eurosong 2006 is the next step in the right direction for Laura D. With History turning round, she brings an international production in the third heat of Eurosong 2006. Belgovision.com interviewed Laura D'Heedene.
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20.12.05 . Gerard J. Borg: 'Vanessa perfect singer for Beyond you'
Three of the last five Maltese entries at the Eurovision Song Contest have been written by Philip Vella and Gerard James Borg. This year, the Maltese duet wrote a song for Belgian singer Vanessa Chinitor and is making a bid in the Belgian selections for the first time. Belgovision.com talked to Gerard James Borg.
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19.12.05 . Els de Schepper: 'From ugly duck to beautiful swan'
Els de Schepper, a creative Jack-of-all-trades, is participating in the second heat of Eurosong '06. Beside television, theatre and literature, this woman feels at home in the world of music too. Belgovision.com spoke with Els de Schepper, who is taking part with the song Als ik je morgen ergens tegenkom.
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18.12.05 . Jeason: 'You can expect a passionate and lively act'
Jeason is one of the seven participants in the first heat of Eurosong '06 on 8th January. With Dame amor dame vida, he sees for one of the three Spanish titles in Eurosong '06. Belgovision.com talked to Jeason, who wrote the lyrics and the music of his song for Athens himself.
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