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17.12.05 . Zenna: 'We made a ballad of Someone is calling'
Zenna, the group consisting of Magnolia Pinto and Sammy Merayah, are the sixth participants in the first heat of Eurosong 2006. The group makes a bid for Athens with the ballad Someone is calling. talked to Zenna about their Eurosong adventure.
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22.11.05 . Lindsay about her dreams . Extra: Version Française
Next Saturday, the Belgian audience will be looking forward to the performance of Lindsay, the Belgian representative at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest with the song Mes rêves. To get to know the 11 year-old artist better, had an exclusive interview with her.
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21.10.05 . Katia and Laura to Eurosong 2006 as Ka'n La
Katia Berlingieri, who participated in Eurosong 2004 with the ballad Don't be scared, and took part in Star Academy earlier this year, also makes a bid for reaching Eurosong 2006 together with Laura Murillo. talked to Ka'n La about their plans for Eurosong 2006.
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17.10.05 . Rafael Artesero: 'my uncle is a Belgian'
Spanish songwriter Rafael Artesero has submitted the song Get real for Eurosong 2006. Rafael Artesero earlier wrote La mirada interior, this year's Andorran Eurovision Song Contest entry. In an interview with, Rafael Artesero reveals that submitting a song in Belgium was an idea of his Belgian uncle.
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15.10.05 . Alanda Dante back with new single D.I.S.C.O
Completely unexpected Alana Dante, finalist in Eurosong 1999, is standing in the spotlights again. Alana releases her brand new single D.I.S.C.O, a cover of the hit from Ottawan in 1980, in no less than 36 countries, including Belgium. had a short interview with Peter Neefs, Alana's manager.
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14.10.05 . Iann makes a bid for Eurosong 2006 with Fly
Together with composer Paul Vermeulen, singer Iann wrote the Eurosong 2006 entry Fly. Iann wrote the lyrics, Paul Vermeulen saw for the music. Iann, aka Jan Demulder, hopes that Fly will be selected for Eurosong 2006. had a nice interview Iann.
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11.10.05 . Battista featuring Isaac Angel enter Eurosong 2006
Battista featuring Isaac Angel is one of the international projects which have subscribed for Eurosong 2006. Battista, an Italo-American singer, producer and guitarist, and Isaac Angel, an Israeli-Turkish singer and producer, submitted the song Battlefied of love. spoke to Isaac Angel.
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06.10.05 . Michael Schuddinck reveals Eurosong 2006 plans
Michael Schuddinck, who recently took part in Star Academy, makes a bid for participating in Eurosong 2006. Michael submitted the funky soul song Just do it! In an interview with, Michael reveals his plans for the Belgian selections for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest.
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10.09.05 . Nuno Resende prepares for Kiev
On Sunday 20th March Portuguese-born Nuno Resende won the Belgian selections for the 50th Eurovision Song Contest. Nuno Resende defeated Tiffany Ciely, who performed the song Lost paradise, in the final organised by RTBF. talked to Nuno about his preparations for Kiev.
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