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23.01.08 . Eva Darche: 'Believe in power and message of my song'
Among the five candidates taking part in the first heat of Eurosong 2008 there is one unknown name: Eva Darche. The singer however doesn't think that that's a disadvantage as she believes that the audience votes for the best song and not for the most popular face. talked to Eva Darche.
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22.01.08 . Raeven: 'A rocky song with a powerful act'
With Shut Down The Heatmachine, Dana and Daisy Nieddu take part in the first heat of Eurosong. Raeven is not a project created for Eurosong only, we learned from the interview had with Raeven. The video clip of their future single can be watched on and there are plans for a full album!
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19.01.08 . Femme Fatale : 'Time to stand out'
Next Sunday all eyes will be on her, during the first heat of Eurosong 2008. Femme Fatale Betty is more than ready, but isn't as confident that the rest of Belgium will dare to vote for her decadent act. A trademark Eurovision song is the last thing we have to expect from her. talked to Femme Fatale.
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19.01.08 . Tanja Dexters: 'A very catchy Eurovision song'
In the second heat of Eurosong 2008, all eyes are set on Tanja Dexters. For her second Eurosong participation, the former Miss Belgium cooperated with Swedish top composers Ljunggren, Wikström and G:son, resulting in a song that also promises to appeal to a gay audience. talked to Tanja Dexters.
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16.01.08 . Tabitha Cycon: 'Pop-gospel with five backing vocals'
Former Idols candidate Tabitha Cycon takes part in this year's Belgian Eurovision Song Contest selections with a pop-gospel song. It gives a taste of the sound of the songs you can expect on the full album Tabitha hopes to release by the end of this year. talked to Tabitha Cycon.
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14.01.08 . Katy Satyn: 'Magical and sensational'
We mainly know her from Star Academy in which she finished third behind Katerine and Afi, but from now on, her name will also be linked to Eurosong. She was offered her song by the songwriters behind the Swedish group Sarek and promises a magical and sensational performance. talked to Katy Satyn.
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09.01.08 . Brahim: 'This time I really go for it'
In the first heat of Eurosong 2008 Brahim is the only man to compete against four female acts with his his song What I Like About You. In 2006, Brahim already reached the final of the Belgian Eurovision Song Contest selections, but this year he really goes for the victory. talked to Brahim.
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08.01.08 . Belgian Cisco Kid to sing Euro Man in Lithuania
Belgian group Cisco Kid elaborated on their selection for the Eurovision Song Contest selections in Lithuania in an interview on Studio Brussel this morning. Cisco Kid can exceptionally take part in Lithuania because Erika, the wife of front man Francis Van Mechelen who also is a member of the group, is Lithuanian.
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08.01.08 . Esther: 'Proud of our Flemish language '
Of all twenty candidates, Esther is the only one singing in Dutch. But will she sing the English version of Game Over, written by A. Ross, J. McLaughin and D. James, if she makes it to Belgrade? That D. stands for David James by the way, and not for Duncan from boysband Blue as said earlier. talked to Esther.
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17.12.07 . Betty becomes Femme Fatale for Eurosong 2008
Betty is no stranger to the Eurosong stage, as she already took part in 2004 under the name of Biba Binoche. Her entry Je Chante Pour Toi might did not reach the final, but this year she is giving it another try. This time as the mysterious Femme Fatale. asked her for a first reaction.
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