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14.05.06 . and interview Kate Ryan
Kate Ryan is in the spotlight of several international media today. The world's two most visited Eurovision Song Contest websites and have both published an interview with the Belgian representative in Athens. Watch the result through the following links.
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09.05.06 . Kate Ryan and her Swedish song writers
On Wednesday 10th May, the Belgian delegation is leaving for Athens. Before it's to far, is publishing a last interview with Kate Ryan on Belgian ground. The Swedish song writers of Je t'adore, Niklas Bergwall and Niclas Kings, explain how the cooperation with Kate Ryan came into being.
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30.03.06 . Kate Ryan: 'The swinging knee or not? A surprise!'
"As it is now, it has disappeared almost completely out of the act," says Kate Ryan about the swinging knee, the subject of discussion of the week. Whether this means that the move won't reach the stage in Athens either, remains uncertain. "It will be a surprise for Flanders whether we will do it or not."
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21.02.06 . Kate Ryan: 'Je t'adore is very ABBA and Swedish'
"Je t'adore is written by Swedish composers, my two backing vocals are Swedish and I look like a Swedish girl." What's more: "It's said, my song sounds like ABBA, I know." Kate Ryan speaks about her song contest entry, her comeback and her success among gays.
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17.02.06 . Barbara Dex: 'This gives a serious boost of adrenalin'
Last Sunday, the viewers of En awarded Barbara Dex with maximum amount of points in the televote, a sign that Barbara Dex and her song Crazy are among the outsiders for Sunday's victory. Awaiting the big final of Eurosong 2006, asked Barbara Dex for a last reaction.
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15.02.06 . Patrick Hamilton: 'I accepted Petra's challenge'
This Sunday, La Sakhra appears in the final of Eurosong 2006 with Wonderland. The singer previously told how she approached songwriter Patrick Hamilton and asked him to write a number for Eurosong. We followed her example, but asked Patrick Hamilton different questions.
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08.02.06 . Peter Evrard: 'Marcel is a man to my heart'
In the third heat of Eurosong 2006, he finished second behind Kate Ryan. Peter Evrard however received the maximum of the points from the viewers of En for his performance of the song Coward. We also asked Peter for his opinion on the jury comments, his plans for the semifinal and the wild card.
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07.02.06 . Barbara Dex: 'Marcel was wrong with his comments'
Unexpectedly, Barbara Dex won the second heat of Eurosong 2006. With her song Crazy and a powerful vocal performance, Barbara convinced the jury and the audience. In the second semifinal, Barbara would like to repeat the succes with the same arrangements and act. A new outfit is however possible.
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03.02.06 . Afi: 'Some things will be different'
Earlier this week, most participants in the first semifinal told that their act for Sunday will hardly change, compared to their performance in the heats. Afi, who finished third in the second heat, however announces several changes. What exactly she wants to keep secret until Sunday.
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