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03.02.06 . Niklas and Niclas: 'No one can do it better than Kate'
Je t'adore, one of the songs in the running for representing Belgium in Athens, was written by the Swedish songwriters Niklas Bergwall and Niclas Kings, together with Kate Ryan and Lisa Greene. interviewed Niklas and Niclas in cooperation with our Swedish colleagues at
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03.02.06 . Katerine: 'The choreography hampered singing'
Katerine easily won the first heat of Eurosong 2006. Due to a shocking move in her choreography, Katerine's vocal performance of Watch me move wasn't always crystal clear. The Star Academy winner however learned from this mistake and will leave the move concerned behind Sunday's semifinal.
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02.02.06 . Kaye Styles: 'Johnny Logan showed appreciation'
The professional jury awarded him the maximum of the points. In the end Kaye Styles finished third in his heat. On Sunday Kaye Styles will be taking part in the first semifinal of Eurosong 2006 with the song Profile. For sure he will not throw the support team's good advice to the winds.
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01.02.06 . Kate Ryan: 'Choreography will slightly be changed'
On Sunday evening, Kate Ryan will close the first semifinal of Eurosong 2006. With the song Je t'adore, she won the third heat. Kate Ryan and the professional jury were satisfied with her act. Except for a slight choreographical change, the spectators will not be offered any big change in Sunday's semifinal performance.
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01.02.06 . Eve Kempbell: 'I will go for doing even better!'
During the fourth heat of Eurosong 2006, the jury praised Eve Kempbell. With the song Not right, she finished third, good for a direct qualification for the semifinals in which Eve Kempbell will be trying to do even better with the help of the Eurosong 2006 support team.
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31.01.06 . Jeason: 'The jury gave me confidence in what I do'
With Dame amor, dame vida Jeason finished third in the first heat of Eurosong 2006. From today on, will be previewing Sunday's semifinal acts. What did the semifinalists think of the jury comments during their heat and have they listened to their advice?
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27.01.06 . Double interview: Danzel vs. Leonie Kuizenga
Tomorrow night, the Low Countries will both be represented in the Polish national final. Belgian singer Danzel will take part with Undercover and Dutch singer Leonie Kuizenga will appear at the start with Love is what we all need, bidding for the Polish ticket to Athens. Danzel versus Leonie...
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26.01.06 . Helena Fontyn: 'We will dance allong in Danzel's act'
Today, Danzel leaves for Poland where he will take part in the national final on Saturday evening. The rest of the Belgian delegation follow on tomorrow. X-factor finalist Helena Fontyn, who is one of Danzel's three backing singers, spoke to about Eurovision.
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25.01.06 . Petra (La Sakhra): 'En proposed to change my name'
Petra participated in the final of Eurosong 1993 as well as in 1999. In 2006, things will however be different. A new sound and a new name: La Sakhra! Wonderland, the song she will be participating with in the fourth heat, was written by Vincent Pierins and Patrick Hamilton. talked to Petra.
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25.01.06 . Interview: Danzel elaborates on Polish participation
Tomorrow, Belgian singer Danzel leaves for Poland where he will be one of the 15 finalists in Saturday's national final. On Friday, the rest of the team will take off, direction Poland. Will Danzel represent Poland in Athens with his song Undercover? asked Danzel for his expectations and more.
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