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21.10.05 . Katia and Laura to Eurosong 2006 as Ka'n La
Katia Berlingieri, who participated in Eurosong 2004 with the ballad Don't be scared, and took part in Star Academy earlier this year, also makes a bid for reaching Eurosong 2006 together with Laura Murillo. talked to Ka'n La about their plans for Eurosong 2006.
Katia, Eurosong is not new for you. How do you look back at your participation in Eurosong 2004?

Katia: Eurosong 2004 was taking a dip in the unknown. The only things I had seen in the music industry before were the microphones. (laughs) As a new artist I had no idea of all that was linked to it. I have learned a lot at Eurosong and it made me acquire a taste for the showbiz. I love singing and I would love to make my profession of it. Being on stage for thousands of people gives a real kick, who wouldn't want to do this for living?

This time you are making a bid together with Laura Murillo. How come you formed the duet Ka'n La?

Ka'n La: Actually we have been friends since primary school, but we lost sight of each other after secondary school. After Star Academy, when Katia moved back to Limbourg we started seeing each other more often again and when we discussed Katia's adventures, we came up with the idea of doing something together. In fact, the plan started when we once performed together and it lead to a joint participation in Eurosong!

Laura, Katia is no stranger in Flanders anymore. Do you have any experience or is Ka'n La your first musical project?

Laura: To be honest, before this year I had never taken the stage, except for a karaoke night or when having fun with friends. This year I have finally participated in a singing contest. So actually I don't have as much experience as the other candidates have, but I do have passion for singing, something you can't learn. If we will be selected, that will be an experience they can not take away from me anymore. By the way, I could learn something from my colleague, who knows? (winks)

Your names reveal your Italian roots. Did you use the Italian aspect in your entry?

Katia: Laura and I both have Italian blood, but Laura has some Spanish blood on top of that all! Plenty of temperament! We actually planned to add some Italian lyrics to the song, but while writing the song, we found that it sounded better completely in English. The song has a southern, Latin tinge and we will stress on that visually too. (laughs)

VRT is currently selecting the songs for Eurosong 2006. Are you awaiting the results with confidence or with fear?

Laura: I think nobody is secured of a place in the heats at this moment. Eurosong is getting more popular every other year and it is attracting more and more singers. The competition is huge, and we will for sure be heading for some exciting weeks. But patience is a great characteristic, isn't it?

Katia, are the Star Academy students holding a reunion at Eurosong 2006? Michael Schuddinck, Eveline Cannoot, Katy Satyn and Katerine Avgoustakis have also announced their participation in the selections for Eurosong.

Katia: It seems like it has become a Star Academy reunion indeed. (laughs) But I think my case is different. Eurosong takes place only half a year after Star Academy, but people will for sure see a different Katia. I have learned a lot more and I am no longer too shy to give all of myself on stage. And of course I do have Laura, so you can't really consider our entry as one of the Star Academy entries, but simply Ka'n La.

We would still like to know which songs are your favourite Eurovision Song Contest entries?

Since we are still very young, we have to admit that last year's winner and of course Sertab are our favourites.

Do you regret the absence of Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest since many years?

Italy has its own festival of Sanremo. But to be honest, we don't regret too much that Italy isn't participating. If you ever saw the program, you would share our opinion. There is already enough competition!

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