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23.11.07 . Kristof Urbain to Eurosong 2008 with We're Gonna Win
For the die-heart Eurovision Song Contest fans in Flanders and the Netherlands, he is no stranger anymore, but will the million audience of Eurosong 2008 also get the opportunity to discover Kristof Urbain? Kristof makes a bid in the Belgian Eurovision Song Contest selections with the song We're Gonna Win.
Kristof Urbain submitted a song for the Belgian Eurovision Song Contest selections for the third time. "The previous two editions I submitted a demo," Kristof says in an interview with "Without result. This time we approached it differently and submitted a finished product." Jan D'Hooghe, Geert Bogaerts and Benny Henri wrote the lyrics and melody and arranged We're Gonna Win, a song Kristof Urbain describes as "a catchy, up-tempo, electropop love song, served with a Eurovision sauce."

Last summer Kristof Urbain took part in Eurovision@EuroGames with Never Ever Let You Go by Rollo & King and he represented Limburg at last year's COC Songfestival in the Netherlands with his Dutch cover version of the Melodifestivalen hit Lev Livet, a song he also performed at the 12 Points Party Deluxe in April this year. With Leef! Liever he finished third. "Since a couple of years I have been following the Swedish Melodifestivalen and I really went wild immediately when hearing this song by Magnus Carlsson," says Kristof Urbain. "A good friend of mine wrote Dutch lyrics to the song which sing very easily. I also bought Magnus' album and I am a fan. I am really attracted by his style and it is the style I like myself as a singer too."

Kristof Urbain in Dutch: Leef! Liever . Magnus Carlsson in Swedish: Lev Livet!

Limburg clearly cannot get enough of Kristof Urbain. Just like last year, he will represent Limburg once again in the final of the COC Songfestival 2007. "A couple of months ago, the audience from Limburg selected the ballad Ik Hou Je Vast out of six songs. We hope we will be successful again with this song on 8th December in Nijmegen." Ik Hou Je Vast is a Dutch cover of All My Love, the song performed by VandaVanda in Eurosong 2002.

Although he is taking part in contests regularly, fun is most important for Kristof Urbain. "That fun I also experienced while preparing We're Gonna Win and I really hope to be selected with this song," Kristof ads. "Although the list of popular singers who want to take part is getting longer and longer. Hopefully VRT will give new talent a chance again, like they used to do in the past. "

Kristof Urbain has more Eurovision plans in store, but he currently is a bit too busy to be able to work on those plans. "Because of the COC songfestival and Eurosong, our plans to create an evening filling show around the Eurovision Song Contest have been put aside for a while, but we still feel like doing it," Kristof assures. If you want to be kept informed about Kristof's plans, visit his official website

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