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17.12.07 . Katy Satyn opens Eurosong 2008 with Sarek-sound
The team behind Sarek, the Swedish folk group that participated in Melodifestivalen twice, provided the Belgians with a song for Eurosong 2008. asked Stina Engelbrecht from Sarek for a first reaction to the selection of Magical Sensation, the song to be performed by Katy Satyn in the first heat.
"The song is a mix of Irish and Swedish folk music, a little bit of opera and dance beats," says Stina Engelbrecht, singer and songwriter of Sarek, who teamed up with her husband Jens Engelbrecht, Sarek's flute player Göran Månsson and Anders Lennartsson to write a song for the Belgian Eurovision Song Contest selections. "I guess it's a pretty unusual combination, but we think the result is very energetic and grandiose and... as we've been told, the song also has a very catchy chorus."

Magical Sensation, as the song is called, will be performed by Katy Satyn in Eurosong 2008. The 26 year-old Flemish singer is mostly known for her third place in Star Academy in 2005. "When we tried Katy's voice on the demo, we immediately felt that her dramatic and passionate vocals were perfect for the song," Stina says. "We were very, very thrilled to hear that the jury selected our song for Eurosong 2008. Belgian people seem to be very open for folk music, also when used in modern pop music, which we are very happy about!"

Sarek consists of singers Stina Engelbrecht, Zara Kronvall and Jessica Wetterstrand and musicians Göran Månsson and Kristofer Pettersson. Sarek competed in the Swedish Eurovision Song Contest selections twice. Melodifestivalen 2003 meant their breakthrough. With Genom Eld Och Vatten, a song written by Stina Engelbrecht together with Mårten Eriksson, Sarek reached the final. The year after, Sarek stranded in the second chance round of Melodifestivalen 2004 with the song Älvorna.

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