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31.01.08 . Ishtar: 'Eurosong opens the way to the general public'
With the song O Julissi Na Jalini, the band Ishtar has the most alternative song in the second heat of Eurosong 2008 this Sunday. "Ishtar and O Julissi Na Jalini focus on the song. Nevertheless, we won't ignore the visual aspect," Ishtar says in an interview with
How are the reactions on your Eurosong entry so far?

The reactions on O Julissi Na Jalini are different. Some people find it fantastic, other don't like this style of music at all. You shouldn't forget that people have an idea about the ideal Eurosong song. I believe Ishtar is completely different. Anyway, O Julissi Na Jalini attracts attention with its originality within the Eurosong context.

Who'll be your toughest competitors in the second heat?

That's a difficult question. All music styles are so different. It's like comparing apples and oranges. You can't judge tastes and opinions actually. Within all styles, all songs have their quality. It's also hard to predict how the Eurosong audience will react and who'll be our toughest competitors.

What can we expect from your act on Sunday?

"Ishtar and O Julissi Na Jalini focus on the song. That's all that's left after the contest. Nevertheless, we won't ignore the visual aspect. The audience also listens with their eyes. O Julissi Na Jalini is built up musically. New ingredients are added all the time: a voice, a second voice, a third voice, instruments and percussion. Like this, a natural construction arises that also is visually attractive. Furthermore, we don't only have good singers. They are good looking too...

Do you have other musical plans in the near future?

Ishtar has been performing at the local cultural centres and at several music festivals for many years. February will be a busy month for us. We'll give eight concerts in Flanders, from Mol to Torhout. Next summer we'll be touring in southern France for the third time. We noticed that our music is popular over there. We hope that Eurosong will bring us in contact with organizers and that our music will find its way to the general public in Flanders and... Europe, why not?


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