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21.02.08 . Nelson and his backings to repeat formula of the heats
Nelson is the second artist who'll take the stage in the first semifinal of Eurosong 2008 with the song When I Can't Find Love. The winner of the third heat wants to repeat the success he had two weeks ago with exactly the same ingredients. Only the outfits will be changed slightly.
A participation in Eurosong can have serious consequences... "Recognition from the professional world, fellow artists, musicians and producers, but also from the media which suggest that the like what I'm doing. That gives me a great feeling," Nelson says. "It was an honour for me that I could suddenly perform my song for such a big audience. I can only be happy about the fact that many of them also appreciated it."

Nelson during and after the third heat of Eurosong 2008

Since his victory in the third heat of Eurosong 2008, Nelson has been receiving the one after the other proposal. "There is a huge interest, but luckily I have a great management. They will help me making the right professional decisions in the upcoming weeks." Now it is already for sure that his song When I Can't Find Love will be released on single. "When exactly, my management is still dealing with. I assume it will be somewhere in March."

The fact that people will see if for the second time, must be the only difference with the performance in the heat according to Nelson. "Beside another outfit, we won't change anything. Me and my backings think: come on, let's take the stage and give all we have and let's enjoy this moment we might never experience again."

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