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28.02.08 . Ishtar signs record deal with Universal music
Ishtar, the band which is one of the favourites in the second semifinal of the Belgian Eurovision Song Contest selections, has signed a record deal with Universal. The record company will release their Eurosong entry O Julissi Na Jalini on single and later on their full album From Europe With Love.
"Eurosong means a real boost for us," says Michel Vangheluwe from Ishtar in an interview with "So many people react in a positive way on our website, want to buy the single and and are interested in the music of O Julissi Na Jalini. The booking requests have multipled. Now we work on the planning of our new concert calendar, which will be very busy for sure."

But there is more fantastic news for Ishtar. "We are proud to announce that we signed a record deal with major record company Universal yesterday. The will release the single O Julissi Na Jalini and later on an album with the title From Europe With Love. This means an important step for Ishtar to national and hopefully international recognition."

Ishtar during and after the second heat of Eurosong 2008

The single O Julissi Na Jalini will soon be available in the shops. "We have a great feeling about our cooperation with Universal," Ishtar says. "The design of the single cover will just like our song be very original and catchy." Ishtar is already curious to find out the fans' reactions.

On Sunday Ishtar takes part in the second semifinal of Eurosong 2008. "We won't change the essence of the act," says Michel, the leader of Ishtar. "We assume that the power of our act is the catchy music, the simplicity and the enthusiasm of our singers and musicians."

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