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15.03.08 . Two Belgian songs in Eurovision Song Contest 2008
Two Belgian songs take part in the Eurovision Song Contest this year. Also Czech candidate Tereza Kerndlová makes a bid with a song 'made in Belgium'. Her composer and producer Stano Simor was born in Czechoslovakia but has been living and working in Belgium for many years. talked to him.
The song Have Some Fun to be performed by Tereza Kerndlová in the second semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest on Thursday 22nd May has many links with Belgium. "Recording, mixing and mastering took place at the JetStudio in Brussels. The backing vocals are by Nina Babet, Chantal Kashala and Miss Camille and the song was signed by EMI Publishing Belgium," says Tereza's Belgian-Slovakian composer Stano Simor. "Actually, only one element is not from Belgium and that is singer Tereza herself. We can say that Have Some Fun is a pure Flemish product. Whether the Belgian backing vocals will also join Tereza to Belgrade still is an open question. We are looking for the best solution."

Tereza Kerndlová in Eurosong 2008 and the video clip of Have Some Fun

Because of the strong link with Flanders, the Czech singer visited Belgium on Friday to promote her song in the Flemish media. Interviews with De Rode Loper on Eén, Radio 2, Radio Donna and several Flemish newspapers took place. Tereza earlier visited Latvia and Ukraine. "Tereza will still make a lot of promotion in Bulgaria and might go to Malta and Cyprus in April. She will be the support act of Rihanna in Prague and she might come back to Belgium for more promotion actions, because there is a high interest from the press," Stano Simor ads.

Have Some Fun was not written especially for Eurovision. "It was the first single from Tereza's second album which was entirely made in Belgium," says Stano Simor, who works in Belgium with several Eastern European artists, but also with Belgian stars such as Hadise. "The song got a lot of airplay on radio and television in the Czech Republic. The Czech broadcaster asked her to take part in their national final, which she won in January." The success might continue in Belgium now. ARS Entertainment / Universal Music Belgium and talking with Universal Czech Republic about a release of the song in Belgium.

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