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09.11.08 . Katerine's long-expected second album out soon!
Belgian pop diva Katerine Avgoustakis has constantly been charting since she scored a top-3 hit with Shut Your Mouth, her first single with her new record label Mostiko. talked to Katerine about her upcoming album, international plans and future Eurovision Song Contest bids... for Greece?
The long-expected second album of Katerine Avgoustakis is about to be released! "The exact release date is not known yet, but it will be before sinterklaas," Katerine promises. On Saturday 6th December she presents the album at Versuz discotheque in Hasselt. "The album will be very much dance, with poppy tunes and influences from the 90's." One to look forward to!

Since she left her record company Universal Music at the beginning of the year to start a cooperation with the Mostiko label, Katerine (Eurosong 2002 & 2006) has been very active. "In order to promote the upcoming album," Katerine explains the reason why she released four singles - Shut Your Mouth, He's Not Like You, Ultrasonic and Upon The Catwalk - in less than six months time.

After the release of her first album at the end of 2005 Katerine still released a couple of singles with Universal. Many fans now wonder whether these songs will also be included on her second album. "Live Wire and Don't Put It On Me will be on it," Katerine confirms, but her Eurosong 2006 entry Watch Me Move won't. "Watch Me Move was already released on a special edition of the first album."

Live Wire . Shut Your Mouth

Many songs on Katerine's second album will thus sound familiar, but will there be more songs with hit potential on her new album and which one of them is her favourite one? "That's a difficult question," Katerine reacts. "Every song on the album is very different, but still it all sounds as one concept. There are more songs that a like a lot, like No Strings Attached, Burn It Down and Lazy Sunday," Katerine says while revealing three new titles from her upcoming album.

At the same time, Katerine is dreaming of an international break-through. "That would be fabulous. Flanders is so small and those who can live from music here should realise that they are privileged. So I am really grateful that I am one of them!" There already is interest in Katerine from abroad. In Australia, the Netherlands and Canada she can currently be found at the top of some dance charts with the song Ultrasonic. "I am really happy and proud," Katerine says. "We are currenly negotiating with our contact persons in Greece and there have been releases in Spain, South Africa and Poland. We also got positive reactions from the Scandinavian countries, Russia and Japan."

Ultrasonic . Upon The Catwalk

"Now, the international plans are not concrete yet, so I keep my feet on the ground. But it means a lot to me that there are so many positive reactions on my songs," the Flemish queen of pop who has Greek roots says. "It also is very nice for my producers and a reward for their hard work." Maybe a participation in the Eurovision Song Contest could force a break-through in Europe?

Now that Hadise - a Belgian singer with Turkish roots - will represent Turkey in the Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow, we wondered if Katerine would like to receive an invitation from Greek broadcaster ERT for the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 or if she would prefer a participation in Eurosong 2010 in Belgium. "Well, Flanders and the Eurovision Song Contest don't really fit together anymore, so this time I choose Greece, where the Eurovision Song Contest is still enormously popular and important."

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