Junior 2011 . The 14 candidates

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Junior Eurosong 2011

Minsk 2010 . Vladimir

28.08.10 . Katerine guest star in Bydgoszcz Hit Festiwal 2010
Katerine Avgoustakis is the guest star on the first night of the Bydgoszcz Hit Festiwal 2010. Tonight Poland chooses the national summer hit of the year. In the international competition, won by Katerine Avgoustakis with the song Ayo Technology in Sopot last year, Belgium is represented by Ameerah tomorrow.
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26.08.10 . Belgian selections for Eurovision 2011 start 1st October
The Belgian selections for the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 will start on 1st October. RTBF in collaboration with Akamusic will then launch a website on which all candidates can upload their entries. RTBF wanted to start the selections in May already, but was stopped by the European Broadcasting Union.
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20.08.10 . Tom Dice, Laura and Clouseau at Maanrock in Mechelen
The biggest free city music festival of Flanders takes place in Mechelen this weekend. The line-up of Maanrock 2010 features Eurovision acts Clouseau and Tom Dice, but also last year's Belgian Junior Eurovision representative Laura Omloop and the Gizonband with former Junior Eurosong participans.
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18.08.10 . DnA in the lead in Junior Eurosong 2010 poll
At the end of September eight candidates compete in Junior Eurosong 2010. 1500 visitors of Belgovision.com have already cast their vote in our Junior Eurosong 2010 poll. The results so far: DnA (28,9%), Emma (25,6%), Jill & Lauren (21,2%), Ymke (7,3%), Luis (6,4%), Ferre (3,8%), Ine (3,5%) and Emile (3,4%).
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12.08.10 . Final Junior Eurosong 2010 on Friday 1st October
Jill & Lauren, Emma, Ferre, DnA, Emile, Ine, Luís and Ymke compete for representing Belgium in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2010 from 27th September on in the final week of Junior Eurosong 2010. The shows on Ketnet will be hosted by Kristien Maes. Ralf Mackenbach and Laura are in the jury.
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10.08.10 . Junior Eurosong 2010 candidates presented on Thursday
On 30th August Ketnet kicks off the Belgian selections for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2010. On Thursday Kristien Maes presents the eight candidates - Jill & Lauren, Emma, Ferre, DnA, Emile, Ine, Luís and Ymke, and the jury of Junior Eurosong 2010 at a press conferen in Sint-Katelijne-Waver.
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08.08.10 . Second chance for Katerine Avgoustakis in Greece
According to the news of Greek broadcaster Star Channel Katerine Avgoustakis be a candidate again for the Greek Eurovision Song Contest selections in 2011. Katerine was already selected this year, but was disqualified because her entry Enjoy The Day had leaked too soon on YouTube.
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05.08.10 . Farewell tour Nicole & Hugo in 2012 and 2013
Nicole & Hugo will tour the cultural centres in 2012 and 2013 with their farewell show 'Bedankt Vlaanderen'. The former Belgian Eurovision participants don't quit for good. "We'll keep performing, but won't give that many concerts anymore. We'll be 65 by 2013, a nice age to start working less hard," Hugo says.
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04.08.10 . Tom Dice and Weronika Bochat no longer a couple
Tom Dice and Weronika Bochat, the Polish girl Tom met at the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 in Oslo, are no longer a couple according to Gazet Van Antwerpen. Tom could not combine his relationship with the backing singer of Marcin Mrozinski with his busy schedule, his father stated.
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28.07.10 . Junior Eurosong: Jill & Lauren, Emma and DnA favourite
Already 500 Belgovision.com visitors have voted in our Junior Eurosong 2010 poll. Jill & Lauren received 26,6% of the votes with Get Up!, Emma 23,9% of the votes with Jamanee and DnA 23,6% of the votes with Power Aan De Kids. Ymke (9,6%), Ferre (4,8%), Luis (4,8%), Ine (3,5%) and Emile (3,3%) follow.
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19.07.10 . Tom Dice on promotour to Germany, Italy and Norway
Tom Dice is making a lot of promotion in Germany this month. In between he found time for a performance in Wetteren, including a duet with his Polish girlfriend Weronika Bochat. After a visit to Italy and Norway, Tom Dice will also perform at the Gentse Feesten on Sunday 25th July.
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18.07.10 . Junior Eurosong 2010 kids perform at Gentse Feesten
The Junior Eurosong candidates - Jill & Lauren with Get Up!, Emma with Jamanee, Ferre with Met Mijn Ogen Toe, DnA with Power Aan De Kids, Emile with Diep In Mijn Lijf, Ine with Kusje Van Mij, Luís with In Mijn Dromen and Ymke with Vive La Fête - present their song at the Gentse Feesten at 17:00 CET this afternoon.
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