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02.06.12 . Junior Eurosong 2012 candidates known on 23rd June
On Saturday 23rd June the candidates of Junior Eurosong 2012 in Belgium will be announced on Ketnet Kingsize, a tv show on Ketnet. The Juniors of 2012 will compete for representing Belgium in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2012 to be held in the Heineken Music Hall on Saturday 1st December 2012.
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27.05.12 . Iris 17th in first Eurovision semifinal, Loreen won second
The Belgian entry Would You finished 17th in the first semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 with 16 points. Click here for the results of the first semifinal won by Russia before Albania and Romania, and here for the results of the second semifinal won by Sweden, followed by Serbia and Lithuania.
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26.05.12 . Belgium gives 12 points to Sweden: Loreen - Euphoria
In the final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 Peter Van de Veire announced the Belgian results and congratulated the hosts with their 'dresses from den Aldi'. The Belgian jury - Miguel Wiels, Tom Dice, Jeroen Swinnen, Micha Marah and Kris Wauters - and televoters gave 12 points to Loreen from Sweden.
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22.05.12 . Ten countries qualified for final Eurovision Song Contest
At the Crystal Hall in Baku, Azerbaijan, the first semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 was held tonight. The following ten countries have qualified for Saturday's final: Romania, Moldova, Iceland, Hungary, Denmark, Albania, Cyprus, Greece, Russia and Ireland.
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22.05.12 . Bookmakers believe in Russian grannies, not in Iris
Can Iris qualify Belgium from the first semifinal for the final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2012? The bookmakers don't believe in her chances. They predict Belgium to finish bottom five with the song Would You. The grannies from Russia are the top favourites in tonight's first semifinal.
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12.05.12 . Iris leaves for Eurovision Song Contest 2012 in Baku
On Saturday around 10 o'clock Laura Van den Bruel - better known as Iris - takes off for Azerbaijan. will report about the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 in Baku the upcoming two weeks. Like on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to stay informed about what's going on in Baku.
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11.05.12 . Kate Ryan in Julgalan 2012 with Loreen, Danny and Molly
Just like in 2009 Kate Ryan will join the Julgalan Christmas tour in Sweden. Kate Ryan will share the stage with Melodifestivalen 2012 finalists Loreen, Danny Saucedo, Molly Sandén and Lisa Miskovsky. A total of nine Julgalan concerts will take place in Falun, Örebro and Stockholm.
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02.05.12 . Joke Vincke, Billie Bentein and Jana De Valck back Iris
Joke Vincke, Billie Bentein and Jana De Valck will sing the backing vocals of Would You in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012. Joke is known from The Voice Of Flanders, while Billie and Jana are the house choir of the tv show Zot Van Vlaanderen. Jana also released her first solo single Predator earlier this year.
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18.04.12 . Iris rehearses for Eurovision on 13 and 17 May in Baku
On Sunday 13th May at 14:25 CET (17:25 in Baku) Iris rehearses her song Would You for the first semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 for the first time in the Baku Crystal Hall. Her second rehearsal is scheduled for Thursday 17th May at 13:00 CET (16:00 in Baku). Download the rehearsal schedule here.
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22.03.12 . Belgium and the Netherlands last with the bookmakers
Belgium and the Netherlands stand no chance in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012. According to Betfair Iris and Joan Franka have the smallest chance of all countries to win their respective semifinal. If you place a bet on Belgium winning in the semifinals, you can multiply your stake by 30, for the Netherlands even by 40!
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17.03.12 . Vote now: Iris to sing Safety Net or Would You in Baku?
Iris has presented her two songs for the Eurovision Song Contest 2012: Safety Net, written by Boots Ottestad from Norway who earlier wrote for Robbie Williams, and Would You written by Nina Sampermans, Jean Bosco Safari and Walter Mannaerts. Vote for your favourite song now! # VOTE HERE
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17.03.12 . Eurosong 2012: Iris to sing Safety Net or Would You?
Tonight at 20:00 CET in the special Eurosong 2012: A Song For Iris, Iris presents two songs - Safety Net and Would - vying to be the Belgian entry in this year's Eurovision Song Contest. The results will be announced in the talk show Vrienden Van de Veire later tonight. # LIVE STREAM
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