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12.05.10 . Véronica and Soetkin from Waterloo to Sanomi
Under the name Viva Niñas, Urban Trad singers Véronica Codesal and Soetkin Collier will be touring with From Waterloo to Sanomi, a show with their unique versions of Eurovision songs such as Save All Your Kisses For Me, Ding-a-Dong, Nocturne, J'Aime La Vie, Puppet On A String and Poupée De Cire Poupée De Son.
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12.05.10 . Tom Dice leaves for Eurovision 2010 on 16th May
On Sunday 16th May Tom Dice takes the plane to Oslo where he is expected to defend the Belgian colours on Tuesday 25th May in the first semifinal of the 55th Eurovision Song Contest. Everyone who wants to encourage Tom is invited at the departure hall of Brussels Airport in Zaventem around noon.
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07.05.10 . Katja Retsin and Yolanthe Cabau to announce the votes
At the end of the final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 on Saturday 29th May, Katja Retsin will announce the results of the Belgian professional jury and televoting. Yolanthe Cabau van Kasbergen, the host of the Nationaal Songfestival 2010 in the Netherlands, will reveal the Dutch points.
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01.05.10 . Belgian song in French or English to Eurovision 2011
RTBF and Akamusic have announced the basic rules for the Belgian selections for the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 which kick off on the internet on 25th May. RTBF keeps its national selections closed for foreign songwriters and artists. Beside in French, songs can only be sung in English.
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28.04.10 . German in Belgian Eurovision postcard for the first time
The German language will feature in the Belgian postcard of the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 for the first time. "It's the desire of NRK," said VRT spokesman Bjorn Verdoodt to "They wanted all official languages to be used in the postcard." In the Belgian living room Dutch, French and German is spoken.
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28.04.10 . RTBF: Phase 1 for Eurovision 2010 until 30th September
Belgian broadcaster RTBF and Akamusic have presented the concept of the Belgian selections for the Eurovision Song Contest 2011. Akamusic is a community website that allows artists to produce their single and album with the support of Internet users who invest in them.
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28.04.10 . RTBF and Akamusic organize online selections for 2011
To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the victory of Sandra Kim in the Eurovision Song Contest 1986, Belgian broadcaster RTBF innovates its selections for the Eurovision Song Contest 2011. RTBF will cooperate with Akamusic to organize online selections. On 25th May the national selection website will be launched.
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28.04.10 . Swedish producer Niclas Kings breaks up with Kate Ryan
Niclas Kings, one of the two Swedish producers of Kate Ryan, has ended the cooperation with the Belgian singer. "She is nice working with. Down to earth and knows what she wants," Kings told DontStopThePop. "I've done her biggest hit up to date that is enough for me." Kings also co-wrote Je T'Adore.
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19.04.10 . Hans Francken rearranges We Could Be The Same
Just like last year, the Turkish entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 has a Belgian touch. After Hadise represented Turkey with Düm Tek Tek in Moscow, Belgian producer Hans Francken was asked by Turkish band maNga to rearrange their entry We Could Be The Same. Listen to the result below.
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11.04.10 . Video clip Me And My Guitar Tom Dice recorded in L.A.
The official video clip of Me And My Guitar will soon be released. For the recordings of the clip Belgian Eurovision Song Contest representative Tom Dice flew to Los Angeles in the USA this week. In L.A. Tom Dice recorded two clips. Awaiting the release of the video clip, watch the Belgian preview video below.
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31.03.10 . Sunstroke Project & Olia Tira in Brussels on 4th April
Sunstroke Project & Olia Tira, the Moldovan representatives for Oslo, will just like Paula Seling and Ovi from Romania present their song for the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 at the annual event Printemps Roumain à Bruxelles at the Place Sainte Catherine in Brussels on 4th April.
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