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12.09.09 . Jury comments second heat Junior Eurosong 2009
At 20:45 CET the second heat of Junior Eurosong 2009 kicked off on En. What jury members Walter Grootaers and Kathleen Aerts think of Margo Raats with Vandaag Is De Dag, Thomas Cerpentier with Groot Zijn, Sepp 'n Sigi Hendrix with Die Ene Seconde and Haruka Sugihara with Waar Ben Je?, you can read below.
Margo Raats opens the second heat of Junior Eurosong 2009 with Vandaag Is De Dag. Margo sings the song in a Wonderland and a Fiesta Latina version. Margo left speechless with her shiny appearance. Walter prefers the Wonderland version that suits Margo's voice best.

Thomas Cerpentier is the second candidate on stage. Thomas sings Groot Zijn in a Dance and a Poprock version. Kathleen likes the beautiful warm voice of Thomas and prefers the Poprock version. Walter is a fan of the dance version, but he wants Thomas to perform this song even more powerful.

Sepp 'n Sigi Hendrix are the third act in the second heat. Sepp 'n Sigi sing Die Ene Seconde in an Unplugged and a Softrock version. Kathleen adores the visual act of the second version. According to Walter the boys sing out of tune sometimes, but best in the second version.

Haruka Sugihara closes the second heat of Junior Eurosong 2009 with Waar Ben Je? She sings the song in a Bollywood and a Country version. Walter thinks it is a fantastic song and likes the Bollywood version a little bit more. Haruka is Kathleen's top favourite for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv.

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