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12.09.09 . Sepp 'n Sigi and Thomas to final Junior Eurosong 2009
Sepp 'n Sigi Hendrix and Thomas Cerpentier have qualified from the second heat to the final of Junior Eurosong 2009. The audience selected the Softrock version of Sepp 'n Sigi's song Die Ene Seconde and the Dance version of Thomas' song Groot Zijn. Find the results on our Junior Eurosong 2009 page.
Results Junior Eurosong 2009 . Heat 2

. Margo - Vandaag Is De Dag (Wonderland) *
. Margo - Vandaag Is De Dag (Fiesta Latina)
. Thomas - Groot Zijn (Dance) *
. Thomas - Groot Zijn (Poprock)
. Sepp 'n Sigi - Die Ene Seconde (Unplugged)
. Sepp 'n Sigi - Die Ene Seconde (Softrock) *
. Haruka - Waar Ben Je? (Bollywood)
. Haruka - Waar Ben Je? (Country) *

After each candidate performed the two versions of his song, the jury composed of former K3 singer Kathleen Aerts and singer and tv host Walter Grootaers judged the songs. However, the audience decided by televoting which two candidates qualified for the final of Junior Eurosong 2009. The competition ended for the two others.

In the final of Junior Eurosong 2009 on 26th September six candidates will compete for representing Belgium in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2009 to be held in Kyiv on 21st November. The candidates will sing their version of the song that received the most votes in the heats.

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