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06.10.11 . Video . Ruth Jacott & Edsilia Rombley - Uit Het Oog...
Two former Dutch representatives in the Eurovision Song Contest have recorded a duet together. Ruth Jacott and Edsilia Rombley have released the song Uit Het Oog, Niet Uit Mijn Hart on single in the Netherlands. Watch the video clip of Uit Het Oog, Niet Uit Mijn Hart below.
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01.10.11 . Video . Femke - Een Kusje Meer (Video Clip + Lyrics)
On Saturday 3rd December Femke Verschueren will represent Belgium in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2011 in Yerevan, Armenia with Een Kusje Meer. The producers of Femkes song are Peter Gillis and Vincent Goeminne. Watch the video clip and the lyrics of Een Kusje Meer below.
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02.09.11 . Video . Elz Bakker - Laat Mij Voor Jou De Laatste Zijn
Dutch singer Elz Bakker has covered the winning song of Melodifestivalen 2006, the song Swedish singer Carola performed for Sweden in the final of the Eurovision Song Contest in Athens. In Dutch Invincible is called Laat Mij Voor Jou De Laatste Zijn. Watch the video clip below.
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25.08.11 . Video . Candidates Junior Eurosong 2011 presented
Last Tuesday Ketnet presented its programme schedule for the autumn and the candidates of Junior Eurosong 2011. Evelyn De Bels, Naomi Piscador, Seppe Laeremans, Alexandra Gadzina, Ciska Slowack, Flor Busschaert, Femke Verschueren and Vince Seys present themselves in the video below.
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12.08.11 . Video . The Joker by Kato Radio 2 Summer Hit 2011
The Joker, the first single of Idols runner-up Kato written by Phillipa Alexander, Ellie Wyatt, Vicky Nolan and Alex Ballard, is the Radio 2 Summer Hit of 2011 in Belgium. Other awards in the side categories went to Christoff, Laura, Clouseau, Kevin, De Pitaboys, Milow and Nomie Wolfs.
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02.08.11 . Video . Kristall - Evropa (Ukraine)
The third entry for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2011 has been chosen. The Ukrainian national final was won by Kristall (Kristina Kochegarova). With the song Evropa she will represent Ukraine in the international final of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Yerevan on 3rd December.
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23.07.11 . Video . Jill & Lauren - Get Up! (Vlaanderen Muziekland)
Ketnet will soon be looking for the Belgian candidate for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2011. Last year Jill & Lauren won Junior Eurosong 2010. Awaiting Junior Eurosong 2011 Jill & Lauren were asked to perform their Junior Eurosong hit in Vlaanderen Muziekland on En. Watch them singing their song Get Up! below.
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14.07.11 . Video . A Friend In London - New Tomorrow (Video Clip)
Two months after the band finished fifth for Denmark in the final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 in the German city Dsseldorf, A Friend In London has released a video clip for their Eurovision Song Contest hit New Tomorrow. You can watch the video clip of New Tomorrow below.
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