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10.11.10 . Minsk 2010: Nicole - Knock Knock! Boom! Boom! (Malta)
Nicole Azzopardi uit Malta treedt als elfde aan op het Junior Eurovisie Songfestival 2010 in Minsk met Knock Knock!... Boom! Boom! dat ze zelf schreef. Bekijk hieronder de officiële previewclip en de songtekst van de Maltese inzending Knock Knock!... Boom! Boom!. Meer info op onze Minsk 2010 pagina.

Video en songtekst: Nicole Azzopardi - Knock Knock!... Boom! Boom!

Knock, Knock! ... Boom! Boom!

Growing up’s not heard or seen
Nature reaps in time ...
Silently and naturally
Just as saying, one, two, three, ...
And suddenly!
With one look we see ourselves
Like grown ups see themselves.
Great changes!
And we feel we hold the key ...
The world within our reach!

Knock! Knock!
We’re here at the door
We’ve grown! We’ll grow more
Hear us ...
Knock! Knock!
Oh yes here we are
So near and so far!
Tomorrow’s stars!

Yesterday has paved the way
To shape us for today,
Made changes ...
We all had our childhood dreams
Which, we all wish to fulfil.

Knock! Knock!
We’re here at the door

Boom ... Boom ... il-bieb
Onġi ... Onġi ... Onġella!
Boom ... Boom ... il-bieb
Onġi ... Oh! Kavallier

Knock! Knock!
We’re here at the door

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